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Joshua Tree

Yes, Joshua Tree National Park is located in southeastern California and is known for its unique geological features and Joshua trees (Yucca brevifolia), which are tree-like plants that are native to the park. The Joshua trees are characterized by their distinctive shape and are a defining feature of the park's landscape. The park is located at an elevation of about 4,000 feet above sea level, which contributes to its unique natural beauty.


約書亞樹國家公園位於加利福尼亞州東南部,以其獨特的地質特徵和約書亞樹 Yucca brevifolia 而聞名,約書亞樹是公園原生的樹狀植物。 約書亞樹的特點是其獨特的形狀,是公園景觀的決定性特徵。 該公園位於海拔約 4,000 英尺的海拔高度,造就了其獨特的自然美景。

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