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A Pilot's View

As a pilot, I have a unique perspective on the world. The view from the cockpit is unlike anything else, and it allows me to explore and appreciate the beauty of the wilderness from a different angle. I am always in awe of the topography of the southwestern United States. The barren deserts, rugged mountains, and vast canyons are like nothing else on earth. The geography and landscape are rich and varied, and the climate is harsh and unforgiving. But, that's what makes flying over this region so exciting.

However, flying is not a romantic thing. It's a practical and challenging endeavor that requires constant attention to detail. From the flight plan to weather conditions, air traffic control, alternate airport plans, fuel and food supplies, and weight balance on board, every aspect must be closely monitored. Once the plane takes off, it must keep a distance from everything. I am in all things around me, but I can't touch them. It's a humbling and exhilarating experience that I am lucky to have as my profession.


作為一名飛行員,我對世界有著獨特的看法。 駕駛艙的景色與眾不同,讓我從不同的角度探索和欣賞荒野之美。 我總是對美國西南部的地形感到敬畏。 貧瘠的沙漠、崎嶇的山脈和廣闊的峽谷與地球上的其他任何地方都不一樣。 地理和景觀豐富多樣,氣候嚴酷無情。 但是,這就是飛越該地區如此令人興奮的原因。

然而,飛行並不是一件浪漫的事情。 這是一項實際且具有挑戰性的工作,需要不斷關注細節。 從飛行計劃到天氣狀況、空中交通管制、備降機場計劃、燃料和食品供應以及機上重量平衡,每個方面都必須密切監控。 飛機一旦起飛,就必須與一切保持距離。 我在我周圍的一切事物中,但我無法觸及它們。 作為我的職業,我很幸運能夠擁有這種既謙卑又令人振奮的經歷。

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