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Flying Over Monument Valley


The Monument Valley private airport is one of my favorite places to fly to. The scenery is breathtaking, and the landscape is like something out of this world. I enjoy the early morning flights, as the light is perfect for capturing the beauty of the canyon.

I am always struck by the contrast between the barren desert at first glance, and the vitality and life that can be found when you take a closer look. The yellow wildflowers, sagebrush, and the special mountain at the end of the runway, all make for a unique and exciting flying experience.

I am always aware of the challenges of flying in this area, such as the high altitude, air density, and the need to navigate around the mountain. But, I also know that the rewards are well worth it, as I get to witness the beauty of the wilderness from a unique perspective.

Monument Valley Airport (UT25)


紀念碑谷私人機場是我最喜歡飛往的地方之一。 風景令人嘆為觀止,景觀就像這個世界之外的東西。 我喜歡清晨的飛行,因為光線非常適合捕捉峽谷的美景。

乍一看荒蕪的沙漠與細看之下的生機與生機之間的反差總是讓我震撼。 跑道盡頭的黃色野花、山艾樹和特殊的山峰,都營造出獨特而刺激的飛行體驗。

我一直都知道在這個地區飛行的挑戰,例如高海拔、空氣密度以及需要繞山航行。 但是,我也知道回報是值得的,因為我可以從獨特的角度見證荒野之美。

Airport Information:

Monument Valley Airport (UT25)

Elevation: 5,192 ft./ 1,583 m. (estimated) Variation: 13E (1985)

Time Zone: UTC -6 (UTC -7 during Standard Time)

Zip code: 84536

Runway 16/34/Dimensions: 4,000x75 ft.

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