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flyterry picture Taipei City 攝影師飛行員視角看世界,空拍提供給您獨特的影像

It’s an amazing world-- on the ground or in the air! I like flying so I can explore the world of the Wilderness. And I like to photograph while I’m up there. (I still use negatives to film!)

A good photo requires time and patience, and experience in using the technology in the darkroom for developing and printing. Every detail affects the developing results, including temperature, amount of time, the developing formula, and exposure of light during shooting.

The western part of the United States is my favorite area to shoot. Flying a plane with equipment into the barren desert, is like flying over an alien planet. Geology and landforms are rich and varied. 

Flight in this area is challenging. The smallest change will change everything: the plane’s flight, the flight route and weather, air traffic control, alternate airport plan (when weather is not permitting), fuel and food supply, high altitude air density, weight balance onboard.............flying is not a romantic thing! (It’s very practical!)

Once the plane takes off, it needs to keep a distance from everything. I’m in all things around me, but I can't touch them. 


“The desert is just barren at first glance. Because it will not be dedicated to one-day lovers” Saint-Exupéry (Author of The Little Prince)


從地面或空中看, 這世界充滿驚喜變化無窮,喜歡探索這世界的我,開著飛機深入Wilderness 荒野探索地理人文,在旅途中用我的視野記錄下影像, 喜歡攝影更勝於飛行。





​『如果The Desert沙漠乍看下只是一片空曠荒寂,那是因為它不會把自己獻給一日戀人』




Terry Ma 馬聰斌/ FAA飛行員/ Pilot View 飛行員視野/ Flyterry Picture

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